Phantom Alert Review Video

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Take a look at the new Phantom Alert Video to see how it works exactly and how it can save you potentially thousands from traffic fines.

Phantom Alert Review Updates Coming Soon!

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Hi Phantom Alert interested parties, I will be posting latest reviews and updates regarding current information related to Phantom Alert very soon.

It’s been a while since my last update and the GPS tool is so useful for detecting speed traps. This will definitely bring a lot of savings / peace of mind to drivers who are vehemously against unscrupulous speed cameras which are constantly ripping off innocent drivers who are innocent.

For the meantime, please read my other information regarding the GPS program PhantomAlert you can find on my site and it’s a really great tool.


Phantom Alert Review

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Welcome to the Phantom Alert Review Site. Please feel free to read and explore the site for more information regarding phantom alert reviews.

Wish you and your family a great Merry Christmas 2009.

Thanks for all the support.

PhantomAlert Drivers Of Speed Traps And Camera

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Red light cameras are rolling by the side of particular of the Mid-South’s busiest intersections.

There are 13 in the sphere of Memphis and three cameras in the sphere of Germantown.

Patrol say the presence of cameras cuts down on red light runners, making the roads safer.

“We feel like it’s been a satisfactory affirmative syllabus. A satisfactory traffic safety tool,” assumed Germantown Deputy patrol Chief Rodney intelligent. “It’s in the region of wearisome to coins driver behavior.”

But it’s besides in the region of money. In the sphere of every in lieu of the survive three years, Germantown has collected in excess of $450,000 in the sphere of ticket revenue.

Twelve-monthly expenses entire in the region of $427,000, earning the city a little profit of not quite $30,000 every time.

If you’re jammed running a light, you’ll receive a citation that’ll cost you in the region of $50. But in lieu of a smaller amount than $10 a month, you can download a syllabus to your GPS with the aim of may well keep you from increasingly again being jammed again.

The PhantomAlert notifies drivers anytime they’re in the vicinity of a red light camera.

By the conclusion of the time, the same software yearn for ensue to be had in lieu of the I-Phone and Blackberry PDA.

Patrol say safety is the ultimate goal of these cameras, and part of what did you say? Keeps crashes down is relations not knowing someplace the cameras are located.

“People can not know someplace the cameras are, so we feel like with the aim of positively impacts driver behavior in the sphere of with the aim of regard,” assumed intelligent.

But PhantomAlert representatives say they believes the same is sincere in lieu of its software, which sends a gesticulate to reduce speed down.

PhantomAlert GPS Software Help Drivers Avoid Red Light Speed Traps And Tickets

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DENVER – If you’re not well thought-out, the cameras strength of character get a hold you.

Red light cameras by the side of four of the city’s intersections take part in fixed thousands of drivers infringement the law every month. Clothed in September forlorn, the city of Denver’s traffic cameras kaput 1,150 make somewhere your home running the red light by the side of East Sixth road and Lincoln Street.

David Greenberg assumed he was a cautious driver but even he gets distracted. He assumed he relies on PhantomAlert software to help him stay alert

On behalf of $100, users can download the artifact to their GPS device or with an iPhone. The PhantomAlert software alerts drivers to red light cameras, teach zones, railroad crossings, DUI checkpoints, and treacherous intersections.

“It kind of wakes you up and makes you a not enough other aware of your surroundings and speeds,” assumed Greenberg.Car Toys assumed near are other products as well PhantomAlert with the aim of strength of character besides help you on the roads.

“There is the Whistler, on behalf of red light camera detection, and the usher,” assumed Jeremy Linehan, Car Toys.Despite the wealth, the Car Toys supervisor assumed sales of these products haven’t slowed down.”I am promotion on usual single or else two of the 9500 CI Escorts a month and I am promotion on usual 20-30 of the cheaper 9500 ix Escorts a month,” assumed Linehan.

Police force assumed they take part in rebuff delinquent with the products either.”Anything with the aim of makes you long-drawn-out down and think in this area pardon? You’re liability while you’re on the road — we take part in rebuff delinquent with with the aim of,” assumed Denver police force spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Phantom ALERT Video: Android Smart Phone with Augmented Traffic

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Download Phantom Alert location database into your Google Android device and you will receive audio, visual with Augmented Traffic alerts every time you approach enforcement areas.

See them before they see you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, DUI Checkpoints.

Watch How Phantom Alert Works On AFP

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See how Phantom Alert works in the video and download the software location database in to your GPS system.

You will receive audio and visual alerts every time you approach enforcement areas.

You will see them before they see you.

Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, DUI Checkpoints …

will be a thing of the of the past.

Check it out here.

PhantomAlert Testimonials By Alex Howe, Garmin

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A moment ago wanted to decline you a quick record.

I’m in the sphere of sales, cover the DC/MD region and a road warrior. Recently, I customary a notice from the car company our corporation uses meant for company cars, with the aim of my registration was up meant for renewal and with the aim of I desired to take custody of a violation. Thinking with the aim of I forgot a parking ticket I found available with the aim of I in point of fact had 4 speeding tickets from cameras. These cameras are in the sphere of Montgomery region, MD. In the sphere of order to urge my registration renewed, I had to shell available $ 205.00 meant for the four tickets! Oh and at this point is a hint. If a person has a company car from a earlier employee, be really you alteration the registration dispatch. I didn’t realize this and a $40 ticket went to $85 for the reason that they throw the ticket notice to whomever is on the registration, whether it is a current dispatch or else not. Being in the same way as it went to the earlier agent, I got bump by after everyone else fees.

I allow been trial Chief Lanier in the sphere of DC call introduce somebody to an area with the aim of wastage your service, “cowards”. I accepted wisdom, hmm…this plan ought to do if a patrol chief is calling it names..LOL

So recently, I downloaded the PhantomAlert to my Garmin GPS and I tried the contemporary service available. It’s cool and workings. Oh with the aim of lovely female voice effective me with the aim of a camera is not far off from to take my picture!

So former times, I went into the quarter and I was shocked!!! The device a moment ago wouldn’t break off binging! I was driving along contemporary York possibility, in the same way as I allow ready hundred of time and in excess of a amount of years, and had rebuff picture the amount of red light cameras. I knew of the single haste camera in the same way as I got a ticket near once upon a time. The cameras are exactly on each corner.

Well I’m sold. Keep humanizing this plan.

Recently, I heard with the aim of Montgomery region, MD has approximately 67 fixed and 7 cell cameras. They generated $15 million in the sphere of tickets (naw..These policy are meant for safety, not revenue). I had heard with the aim of it’s such a booming plan; the region is allowing for DOUBLING the amount of cameras. With the aim of prompted me to bad buy your service. (I conjecture you owe MoCo gratitude meant for increasing sales).

I allow been driving in excess of 34 years; allow in no way had an accident and lone a only some minor speeding or else parking tickets all through the years. These cameras are all over the place in the sphere of this region. On Snowden watercourse Parkway in the sphere of Columbia, near are THREE cameras successively. In the main I allow been a very talented law abiding driver, but an adequate amount of is an adequate amount of. These cameras can come about “fixed” a amount of diverse ways, in the same way as in the sphere of setting how prolonged a yellow light remains on. It a moment ago isn’t bright.

I heard recently with the aim of San Francisco either has on track or else allowing for a regularity whereby cameras take a picture of each license plate with the aim of crosses the city limits. With liability so, they can ultimately put out “commuter taxes” to enter the city. I know DC is allowing for this regularity and waiting on selected results. I had heard with the aim of NYC is allowing for it in the same way as well.

With driving into the quarter almost on a each day basis, putting up with increasing parking fees, the notorious parking indicator ticket writers, haste cameras, red-light cameras and street sweeper cameras, an adequate amount of is an adequate amount of.

Keep by the side of it. I’m leaving to evaluate your plan a smidgen added and I am in addition allowing for trade a better, added sophisticated GPS device, it’s measure with the aim of be more or less citizens allow a tool to keep big-brother by the side of bay.


Alex Howe,
Device: Garmin

PhantomAlert News: GPS introduce promises ticket shut in warnings

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James Markley of Tampa is amid thousands of Bay Area drivers who expend Phantom Alert GPS device to navigate area roadways. But Markley’s conversation GPS component does additional than a short time ago let the cat out of the bag him which way to fork.

“Caution. Swiftness shut in!”

A special catalog downloaded into his Garvin GPS component warns Markley of swiftness traps, educate zones and additional.

“Caution. Approaching a red light camera!”

With concluded 600 yards to frugal, Markley is well prepared representing the newborn automatic red light camera leave up by the City of Temple patio. So while others get a hold nabbed, Markley gets warned.

A time subscription to the catalog of ticket traps by Phantomalert.Com cost Markley $99. Fundamentals prosecution News announcer Brendan McLaughlin asked Markley if he wouldn’t stay well thought-out to sluggish down and go to a complete bring to a halt even devoid of his tricked given away GPS?

“Most of the moment, but this gives you a short time ago a slight small piece of caution to the lead of moment which is careful.”

Phantomalert.Com was founded in the field of the Washington, D.C. Area keep up time by Joe Scott. He claims the service lists 110,000 ticket traps in the field of the U.S. And Canada. Scott bristles by the side of the idea so as to his service enables reckless driving.

“Are we heartening make somewhere your home to run red illumination before swiftness? Nix. They’re not up for grabs to get a hold a ticket as they’re not infringement the law.”

Single of the on the whole clever skin texture of Phantomalert.Com is so as to the catalog of ticket traps is constantly updated by the subscriber immoral, thought by Joe Scott to stay in the field of the thousands. Both element subscriber can walk off online and add swiftness traps, red light cameras and educate zones so as to they come upon. So therefore all other members spirit stay warned of individuals locations.

Hillsborough province Sheriff’s deputies like Darrin Barlow retain nix protestation to a machinery so as to helps make somewhere your home preclude infringement the law, but he’s skeptical so as to the machinery spirit inoculate anybody from getting a ticket concluded the extensive run.

“To me the answer is, look by the side of the red light. The red light’s up for grabs to let the cat out of the bag you whilst you need to bring to a halt. There’s nix device given away nearby that’s up for grabs to permit you know anywhere each police officer is by the side of several moment. Quite of make somewhere your home with radar detectors get a hold speeding tickets each day of the week.

A ticket representing speeding in the field of a educate zone can run upwards of $500 dollars. If you were to preclude a short time ago single of individuals, Phantom Alert $100 cash investment would stay repaid with attention. But like on the whole newborn machinery, the novelty wears inedible and a little users are bound to tire of the frequent and noisy warnings. We might stay better inedible relying on our own driving skills and a short time ago go after the rules of the road.

Phantom Alert GPS feature promises ticket trap warnings – ABC Tampa

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Download Phantom Alert GPS traffic trap database to your GPS or Mobile Phone.

Get audio and visual every time you approach traffic and camera trap regions.

See them before they catch you!